Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Miss Marple – Nemesis 2007

A little light hearted TV watching in my home with the return of Miss Marple to ABC TV.

As usual, there seems to be a core of actors that repeatedly appear in British TV/film (and I KNOW there are more than these few in existence)! This show is no exception.

Miss Marple (Geraldine McEwan) is sent on a mystery bus tour on the dying wish of a good friend, to right an injustice and perhaps find the perpetrator of a crime. She is accompanied by her writer-nephew Raymond, (Richard E Grant) and finds that all the other people on the bus are connected in some tenuous way, which is slowly revealed to us. Naturally there are a couple of murders on the journey to add to the suspense and allow identification of the guilty party.

It wasn’t hard to work out roughly who had done what, but it was done so well that it was enjoyable and I still required the deductive capacities of Miss Marple for final identification of the murderer.

Well acted, as expected. Richard E. Grant got to have a number of funny moments in a very British way, which I really enjoyed. Geraldine McEwan fitted the role of Miss Marple beautifully. Ruth Wilson (recently of Jane Eyre fame) played a small part, that of Georgina the tour guide/bus driver. Once I got over thinking of her only in 19th century garb and as a governess, I was able to enjoy it. She managed to put her own stamp on the part and I hope to see her in more TV and films in the future. Lee Ingleby was DC Colin Hards and had some great interaction, particularly with Richard E. Grant, as a hopeful writer.

Also starring Anne Reid, Laura Kelly, Dan Stephens, Graeme Garden, Johnny Briggs, George Cole, Ronni Ancona, Adrian Rawlings, Emily Woof, Will Mellor, Amanda Burton.

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