Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rachel's Holiday

Author: Marian Keyes

Another humorous Irish romp - although with a dose or two of reality quite apparent. Very touching and some true sadness (albeit only in moments) that will have tears and sniffles threatening to make an appearance.

Rachel Walsh is Irish, living in New York, with her best friend since childhood, Brigit. Brigit and Rachel are fun-loving and out for a good time, naturally always on the lookout for men and they love to poke fun at a group of Irish lads that are in a somewhat 70s haze in the looks department. Rachel falls in with one of the lads, Luke - tall, manly and sexy, but embarrassingly un-hip.

Rachel gets caught up in the New York lifestyle and finds herself in hospital, surprisingly, after having her stomach pumped after imbibing too many drugs.

Her family fly her home to Dublin and promptly deposit her in the 'Cloisters' - an addiction fighting centre, reportedly frequented by celebrities. Fully prepared for a nice holiday with massages, spas, high quality food and luxurious surroundings, Rachel meets a variety of addicts, but can't quite understand why she is there - after all, she doesn't have a problem... does she?

Well worth the read with a nice happy ending!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married

Author: Marian Keyes

Lucy Sullivan - in her twenties, an office worker and a serial dater of unsuitable men.

Lucy sees a fortune teller with some co-workers and is told that she will be married within 18 months. Considering she is currently footloose and fancy free this comes as something of a surprise to Lucy so she discounts the possiblity. However, her co-workers are soon linking events to the prophecies they received and everyone starts to think that Lucy really WILL be married soon.

Lucy actually does meet a man - totally unsuitable of course which Lucy can't resist and she starts to think maybe he is 'the one'. Of course to complicate matters there are other men in her life as well - could one of them be the lucky man instead?

On route to finding her marital bliss Lucy learns more about herself and her family than she ever suspected.

Amusing and eminently readable, as all Marian Keyes novels seem to be, this is the perfect novel to get away from your own life and find yourself flatting in London on the lookout for Mr Right.