Sunday, July 29, 2012

His 'n' Hers by Mike Gayle

A light romp through a couple’s life – today as divorcees and looking back to the 80s to when they met and fell in love.   Written with wry wit and humour, the story is an enlightening read into a man’s mind (if you’re a woman!) and no doubt into a woman’s mind should you be a man!

Jim and Allison meet at University –their first encounter is less than promising – and the first few years the relationship doesn’t progress far at all.  With the end of Uni and changes to those around them though, their relationship moves quickly and soon they share a flat, a cat and their lives.   Life often sends us curveballs though, and Jim & Allison are no exception as they find their relationship shattered and their lives head in different directions.

A few years later with their new lives, they meet and as they remember their former relationship they try and work out where it went wrong and ultimately, is it too late for them.

A good holiday read and worthwhile for the insights into how our other halves think.