Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hello! My name is Annette, I am a mother of three younger children, wife of a farmer and pilot and a keen maker of jewellery.

I have always enjoyed reading, starting with reading the newspaper at age 4 on my father's lap. (He had not learned to read until he was an adult, so was very keen on making sure I knew how as soon as I could!) Whilst travelling through Europe at the age of 12/13 with my parents, the classics were the only types of books I could get in bookstores that were in English, so I would often be found reading Dickens, Austen and Bronte - all of which are still favourites. As a teen I found the fantasy genre and became quite addicted - unfortunately there are a lot of books in this style that are really not very good!

I also like to watch films and good TV shows. I do have a liking for British-made period pieces and quite a few British shows, but the American film industry has made some great movies too. Being located in Australia I also watch Australian films and they are often quirky and the majority are surprisingly good. Of course, there are "duds" everywhere, so we all end up watching some of those too! I appreciate good actors that can draw you in and transport you to their 'world' and may show a preference for these in my film selections!

I would love to see live shows, but the tyranny of distance means that this is not possible, except in the rarest of cases.

I hope that you enjoy reading my reviews - they may not be terribly current or that organised, but I hope they will encourage you to read/see something that you may not otherwise venture towards, or in other cases give you fair warning of some not so select choices! I will always welcome your comments, so please leave a message.

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