Thursday, January 31, 2008


A soft and romantic film about a great love between two poets in the mid 1800s, Christobel LaMotte (Jennifer Ehle) and Randolph Ash (Jeremy Northam), which is rediscovered through a chance find of some unsent correspondence by modern day researcher, Roland Mitchell (Aaron Eckhart). In his search for more information he visits Dr. Maud Bailey (Gwyneth Paltrow) who is distantly related to Christobel. She gets as excited by the finds they make as he does, and their relationship mirrors that of Christobel and Ash as they discover more of the poets’ story.

To add a little anxiety into the mix there are complications in both centuries – in Christobel’s with her companion Blanche (Lena Headey) and in Maud’s with past partner and fellow teacher Fergus (Toby Stephens).

Jennifer Ehle plays a haunting Christobel, Jeremy Northam an equally besotted Ash and they have a suitable on-screen chemistry. Aaron Eckhart is keen and Gwyneth is cool (even when excited) and although well acted, the screen hardly sizzles. Lena Headey was convincing as Blanche and Toby Stephens played a quite disagreeable character very well!

The story is sweet and touching and will satisfy those with romantic leanings – although don’t expect to heave lots of longing sighs, just expect a warm feeling.


Anonymous said...

Great Review, Annette. Small disagreement with you: I didn't think that the Toby Stephens character was disagreeable. In reality Fergus Wolf was cheated by the lead characters who did not pass on the info they gathered, naturally anyone would be annoyed. Toby played the character extremely well. However the main character was so stilted in his acting, I felt Toby Stephens would have done a better job than him playing that role.

Annette Piper said...

Thanks for commenting!

I agree that Toby Stephens would have played the Roland's part better - Toby is a brilliant actor that seems to be continually unrecognised for his talent!

I guess I saw the "disagreeable" part of Fergus in the way he teamed up with the 'foe with lots of money' (Cropper) rather than working with Blackadder, who was his superior. He played the part of Fergus to the hilt, didn't he!