Friday, June 5, 2009

The Audrey Hepburn Treasures

Authors: Ellen Erwin, Jessica Z Diamond

I just adore Audrey Hepburn and this book makes you feel like one of the family!

With a foreward by Audrey’s son Sean Ferrer, he offers a glimpse into the private Audrey and shares some of her most treasured mementos and memories.

Presented as part book/ part album the book includes replicas of original photos, letters and documents stored in special sections throughout the book.

Starting with photos and documents from Audrey’s birth and childhood and proceeding through the special occasions and career milestones throughout her life. Treasures such as a receipt for Audrey’s Best Actress Oscar for Roman Holiday from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, fan letters and programs from her shows. Memories such as a note from Audrey’s grandfather, Baron van Heemstra, after he saw her dance in 1944, a letter from Cary Grant in 1982 and press clippings about Audrey. Photos such as Audrey’s baby photo, dance photos, family occasions and many more personal mementos.

Truly one for the fans that want to know the enigmatic Audrey that little bit better.

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